The Glenn Gore Collection
of Wildlife Art produced
in the rare Fine-Line
Scratchboard art style
These etchings were produced by Glenn Gore over a quarter of a century ago
and are a very rare collection today

Black Labrador and Mallard Duck
Hunting Scene








Landscape Etching
with woodducks.
A place in times past that was lost
when the timber was cut.







A popular dove for Texas Hunters.









"Cutting Pine"
A squirrel's favorite meal
in the fall of the year.







"Deer at the waterhole"
Always cautious





"Cypress Brake"
Wood Ducks and cypress, a southern scene.





"Watchful Pearch"
If the Redtail Hawk spots a field mouse,
the mouse is a goner.









"Just Ahead"
The fox is ahead of the hound dog, but not by far,
if you look closely, the dog is coming up at the far left.








Hoghunter's view of a charging razorbacl\k.









"Bengal Tiger"
Produced for the LSU Alumni Association
from original sketches of the real live
mascot of LSU at the LSU campus.