The Glenn Gore Collection
of Wildlife Art produced
in the rare Fine-Line
Scratchboard art style
These etchings were produced by Glenn Gore over a quarter of a century ago
and are a very rare collection today

It's summertime fun watching bream popping bugs
on your favorite lake or pond.








"Anxious Response"
Yellow Lab and falling Pintail duck
hunting scene.




"Nesting Season"
Chasing squirrels away from the nest
is the mocking bird's pleasure.








feeding time and one fish got away.









The perfect place for ducks to hide
in the cover of cypress and moss








"Mourning Doves"
Over a secluded filed of maze.








The cougar sharpens his claws on
a fallen tree. and hears a deer in the distant right.








"Through the decoys"
Black Labrador Retriever
running trough decoys after duck
notice feather on water in lower right









"Perfect Stopover"
Mallards coasting down into a swampy
backwater lake.